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3D Blue Objects

Fiberglass, BTL activations, frames, prizes and awards, monumental typography, graphic design, publicity, press conference, set design.

Our services

Estructura blanca


We have all the experience to develop micro and large-scale fiberglass elements, capable of supporting, impacting and representing your brand in spectacular formats.


Our company has the ability to model, design and build each of the pieces you can imagine.


BTL Activations

We carry out brand presence for festivals, concerts, press conferences, special events, parties, anniversaries.


We have the experience of creating your event from start to finish, considering the design, development, assembly and inauguration.

Cuadrado azul

Frames and Awards

Our creative team is undoubtedly a fundamental piece for the elaboration of this service for manufacturing frames and recognitions, press conferences, backs and assemblies for the unveiling of awards.


Monumental Typography

The phantasus creative production team has the necessary capacity to install, assemble and design monumental typography, in different materials according to the project.

Etapa plana y redonda

Graphic Design

The creative mind and knowledge of materials allow us to create unique spaces of reference for marketing, brand activation, design and development of projects and graphics with great visual impact.



The best spots to promote your brand and to interact between the product/service with the public through spectacular photo opportunities

Objetos 3D

Press Conference

Creative and multifunctional design for opening events, parties, sponsorships, red carpet, partitions and stages



Modeling spaces through the adaptation of design, composition and structure is essential to be able to achieve a perfect scenographic representation for your projects.

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