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Our Work

In each of the projects carried out by the phantasus company, it is determined by the production of delivering spectacular work, achieving the total satisfaction of our clients.


San Antonio, TX . USA

OASIS Frida Kahlo

We made the adaptation of Frida Kahlo's Blue House to exhibit and share the architectural sensations of the site, together with the exhibition of monumental animals and the interior patios of the house for the San Antonio Botanical Garden, Texas.

pintura abstracta

Mexico City


Representing culture through artistically intervened pieces made of fiberglass has been an experience full of learning, success, and growth around the world.

Jaguares NY.jpg

New York City

Jaguares, Rockefeller Center

The pieces made in fiberglass by our company really managed to impact the Rockefeller Center esplanade, all the artistic intervention was by the great masters Jacobo and Maria Angeles from Tilcajete Oaxaca, a great collaboration achieving excellent results.

Las burbujas de color rosa

San Antonio, Texas

Day of the Dead

We created the Day of the Dead festival in its first edition and we managed to make it a launching pad for many artists and companies that have now joined the development of this festival in san antonio riverwalk

Day of the Dead SAT.jpg

Make it Awesome, do it with PHANTASUS

We make any fiberglass piece you can imagine, just contact us to start the magic of a great project together


Mexico City



Moscú, Russia / Mexico City


The design of these balls was an engineering challenge capable of being transformed, disassembled and installed in the shortest possible time both in Mexico and in Russia.

Slam Dunk

Mexico City

NBA Parade

Generating these huge balls with NBA baskets made us consider the infinite possibilities of experiences that can be carried out through the construction of fiberglass pieces.

Humo púrpura

Lille, France


Each of the pieces made by our company has the certainty of the quality of all its materials and with it the possibility of transfer, assembly and movement without the problem of breaking. Transferring our pieces to other countries is really a pride of manufacturing with the highest quality.

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